Create a private user "notes" section for curators and staff

I raised this on the old forum ,and got a that’s a good idea from Tony, I will try and fine that post and link to it here, but I am recreating here.

I would like to propose a section on the user profile page where curators can note:

  • when messages have been sent to a user to warn about or telling to stop certain behaviour
  • concerns about that the account may be a troll, sock puppet etc

This section should be only available and visible to curators

As an example i have just found an account that based on comments appears to have been suspended a few days ago, but now is unsuspended and is right back to troll behaviour, but I have no idea of the context as to what happened, why they were apparently allowed back etc.

Could be valuable but could also turn into a harmful gossip pit if not used well. I think we need to set it up so that only the curators dedicated to dealing with those issues could see it not all curators. Or at least have some very basic guidelines. I do think a “flag history” page for a user could be useful. And now I’m wondering if anyone has flagged me…


There’s this one (the first #9), thread “improving the flagging and curating system”.

That’s available here.


I think it would be best for this to come after a “curator type” system is implemented, as Charlie says. Which @carrieseltzer and I have worked on a little bit. Need to dig that up…


OK, this has been implemented. See details here: