Create more functions for common name

  1. Create a page where curators can count and manage all common names created by themselves (there are functions such as modification view and modification reminder).
  2. When other curators modify the common name created by the original curator, send an update reminder to the creator.

The first one should be available to non-curators as well.

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Created? - but we are supposed to bring names which are actively in common use. Or published in field guides or whatever.




I assume (hope) ‘create’ is being used as a synonym for ‘add’ or ‘enter’ in this situation.

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Yes I mean to add more functions, sorry I’m not good at English.

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No - I thought that was what you meant.

But earlier heated discussions on forum - about ‘common’ names which aren’t.

There is history for common names, but only from February 2022. Going forward it should become clearer.


if you just want to see which names you’ve updated in bulk, you can look at the vernacular name files within the periodic DWCA taxon export. (see

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What happens if a plant is new to science or only known to a couple of botanists. Can I then ‘create’ an English name ? Of course the plant is very well known by local people and has a name in an African language. Here is an observation of the plant which may be endemic to the Serowe village area in Botswana.
Batswana call it Setoto but I as the only non-Motswana here who is aware of the plant has created an English name, Serowe lashes ! Is my created English name valid even if only one person uses it ? Blepharis petalidioides deserves an English name even if if no other English person has seen the living flowers before. The plant was given a Latin name, based on an old dried desiccated herbarium specimen with no flowers.

Is that name on iNat? I checked, yes it is - so local people can search by the name they know and use. Tick.

We have been asked not to create ‘common’ names for iNat. The intention is for people to find the name they know, and search for. For this plant that would either be the binomial or Setoto.