Creating a new code to use data?

Hi, I’m working on some introduced species projects, and built this site as a backbone to the work, knowing that it could also be really helpful for others. Before I started I thought I would be easily able to pull reports to work from, but it was too much data and reports were not possible, leading me to look up each of these points individually. This took a while, as you can imagine, but the main problem is that the data is static. Now that I have the frame of the site up, does anyone have any suggestions or ways to create a code for live data for each point?

Right now the focus is introduced and threatened species in each state in the US; overall numbers, numbers by taxon, numbers by state, etc. If I can figure out live data, I would love to expand this globally.

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Ideally, you would use iNaturalist API to fetch the data. This can then be set to run on a schedule (often called a “cron” job). The cron job will send the data to your database or storage provider (e.g. Google Sheets, email, S3).

One simple but capable way of creating cron jobs is by using GitHub actions (which also has a generous free tier).

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