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I have a question regarding projects. Id like to start a project that captures nature in my neighborhood/development/woods. Is that an appropriate use of projects?

Thank you kindly.



Yes, that’s what projects are for! Add your own place or use one of existing onces to start a collectional project that gathers observations automatically or create a traditional project, where you would need to add observations manually.


Hi Steve, in many cases a project isn’t required, so it’s helpful to determine what your goals are first. For example, anyone can go to the Explore page and search for a particular place or zoom in on your neighborhood, “redo search in map area”, and see what’s living/growing in the area. You can get some more background on projects here:


Thanks! My goals for this particular project - I live in a very new development in the woods…very much in the forest. However, as one would expect, there was some habitat loss and disruption to the natural order. Id like to catalog and document how nature rebounds - particularly here in this new development.


If you do set up a project - please leave a link here.
I would like to see nature return.

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Hi steve

Starting such a project could be a great idea, but only if you can narrow down what taxon/taxa you would like to focus on observing in your neighbourhood, and what you aim to discern between the observations you make and those of other contributors

A great way to add value to projects is to make journal entries on it as it develops. Sadly however, far better tools still need to be implemented on iNat for this to work

Hopefully with time, this will come

I use the iNat journal as a notebook (for iNat)

But for an actual nature journal I prefer my blog - where I can format, and search, and offer its links. Much more reader and writer friendly.

A rectangular or circular area specified in a bookmarked URL might work:

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