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I’m new to iNaturalist. I did a summer-long moth survey using Lepsnap (Leps Fieldguide), and the ONLY thing I miss is Lepsnap’s simple cropping (first step) that displays all submissions closeup, but without cutting off parts of your image.
I find browsing to identify on iNat very tedious in comparison, due to the large number of photos that contain info irrelevant to the requested identification. (I understand that the surroundings may be pertinent to some IDs.)
I’m also frustrated that, using Adobe Lightroom export (at 2048 ppi long edge) and pre-cropping all submissions square, iNat icons still cut off parts of some of my images. I’m trying to find a pattern.
I’m using the website in Chrome, I don’t use a mobile device, as all my pics are taken on a DSLR. If I did need to tweak a crop, how would I do so using the website?

There aren’t cropping or other image editing tools built into the website (see related feature request), so you’d need to remove and replace the image on your observation with an image you cropped/edited elsewhere.

iNaturalist doesn’t to my knowledge crop images, it just resizes them - can you provide an example original image you uploaded and URL of the observation where it looks like the website uploader modified your image?

Not relevant to you, but for others: there is a cropping tool in the Android app, and bringing iOS up to feature parity with Android is on the team’s to-do list.

I just adjusted the zoom on my browser to 100%, and that eliminated most of what I thought was over-cropping. The remaining ones were not square crop before upload, so I think that resolves that question.
As far as no edit feature on the website, that’s a shame. I have a touch-screen laptop, so it would be so easy to tweak crops.
I probably need to start another topic, but I also have a problem with accessing the check mark on suggested identifications. To see the check mark on any submissions on the far right of my screen, I have to zoom out to 80% on Chrome.
Thanks for taking time to reply.

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Oof. Definitely submit a report - screenshots and detailed info about your system/resolution/browser might be necessary.

It doesn’t crop the original image used on the observation page, but just to clarify, it does store cropped versions to use in other places on the site, e.g.

Compared to the original image

The square crops can be found at addresses like

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Thank you, I appreciate your reply. I had read through the link you posted before posting, very helpful information. You may have read above, that it was my zoom settings on my browser that were “cropping” my photos. I’ve never seen that happen on any other photo-related website, but now I know.
This is a wonderful community, thanks again.


At least android app has a function of cropping images, on website you can rotate them, but if you’re uploading pics from camera I guess you already has a programm that could help you with cropping, you can upload both cropped and original version of an image.

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