Dark theme - Do you use it or not?

Do you use a Dark theme extension (Such as Dark Reader) for iNaturalist? If so, why? if not, again, why?

  • Yes
  • No

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I am kinda curious what the community says here

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For me, personally, I use the Dark Reader extension since I identify at random points in the night and I dont want my eyes to fall out!


I don’t because I wasn’t aware of it. But I will definitely look into it because I like using dark mode in general on my smartphone – especially out in the field where it can give battery savings of between 5% and 45% depending on screen brightness and certain other factors.


No but I use the dark mode of the forum.


No, but I could use that.


This - I’m going to go install it now!

Edit to update: I just installed it and I am SO HAPPY. Thank you ydobon!

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No. It drains my sanity meter (always reminds me of depression, gloom, etc.)


Literally unusable without dark mode, I don’t know how people do it man.


No. Someone once called it migraine city. Reading pale or bright letters against a dark background, is even worse than mid-grey on pale grey.

I am on iNat in the evening till early. Then I set my laptop to nightlight (not so BLUE) and the brightness to 50%. At first the photo colours are off, then my eyes adjust.

But someone with macular generation said neon letters on dark is what he can see.


I don’t want to read white text on a dark background. Pretty much everyone I know uses dark mode on everything but it hurts my eyes.


No, because it requires a browser extension. I don’t normally mess around with those.

Same way I read print books and magazines. I don’t think I have ever come across one of those in dark mode.

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Just out of curiousity, why not?

Mainly because I don’t understand them well enough.


Using Auto Text Expander (as used by tiwane
and iNat Enhancement Suite (built by one of our forum users

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70% of users voted no, 29% voted yes. I personally thought that there would be more who said yes!

(/edit/ I changed my vote to no)

Oh, I voted yes, but I misread the question as dark mode on the forums, which I do use.
I do not use dark mode in the iNaturalist app or on the website.


No…at least i don’t think i am.

I just removed this extension because I found out today that my computer actually has dark mode built into it.

I use it on everywhere, I love it, each page is a different type of contrast

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