Data Quality Assessment says ID is not supported by 2 or more, but it is

Platform: Website

Browser: Chrome

URLs (aka web addresses) of any relevant observations or pages:

Screenshots of what you are seeing:

Description of problem: In Data Quality Assessment, it says that the ID isn’t supported by two or more, and thus the observation can’t be made Research Grade. However, the ID is supported by two people (@spacedog and myself) and the observation is Research Grade.

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Appears that way for me too… I haven’t nudged it in case staff/developers want to take a look…

Shows 2/2 for me now, maybe was fixed already.

and now it shows ok for me too! very strange that it should have shown as ok for you prior to my taking that screenshot where it wasn’t…

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Here, too. 06:54 EST (10:54 UTC) 2020-03-01.


So maybe the bug gets corrected after a certain amount of time? Because now the original obs I showed (the one of the coot) is fine.

Maybe, the second one was wrong when I opened it after it was posted, not it’s correct. But why the first one wasn’t synchronised for us is a good question.


Seems likely to be another case of indexing lagging or failing to complete. Seems like a lot of that going around lately…

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Yeah, the observation @benarmstrong noted looks good now.

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The one that @melodi_96 and I looked at is strange. Marina reported seeing it as fixed, I showed with a fresh screenshot that it wasn’t, and then she showed with a fresher screenshot that it was. When I looked again it was fixed. Assuming Marina was talking about the “has ID supported by two or more” red x, then that would suggest this problem fixes and unfixes itself, which doesn’t make sense. The only difference I can see is possibly that we are on different portals?

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I’ve done some more testing and it seems that whenever I agree with an ID on an observation that has one other ID, it gives that glitch (examples and I have screenshots for both if needed.

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Screenshots are always great. Are you agreeing on the observation page itself, or are you using Identify?

I did it on the Identify page for the examples provided above:

I can’t remember which screenshot was for which one. I also just tried it on the observation page and got the same glitch. Here is the one on the observation page (

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