Data users/developers/analysts section?

I am wondering if adding a data analysis section to the forum would make sense?

I suspect that this may appeal to only small number of forum, so I’m not sure that there’d be enough energy to maintain an ongoing discussion.

In any case, I could imagine this encompassing discussions of ecological statistic applied to iNaturalist data, sharing scientific papers that analyze iNaturalist data, tools for plotting and mapping iNaturalist data, building species distribution models, quantitative analysis of iNaturalist images, building or improving R or python libraries for iNaturalist etc.


I think that type of content is well enough suited to General. If there become a lot of posts, it may make sense to split it off, but right now I don’t think there are enough to warrant a separate category.


You can create a group on google or facebook if you want to have all this stuff together in one place.

One can create a pseudo-section using tags when posting a topic:

To pull up a “pseudo-section” with only those topics tagged search, use tags:search

To further constrain the search to a single existing section such as general, #general

I would have used the tag “data” in my examples, but that tag seems not to have used in a topic.