Deadly traps for birds

Not only the windows or rather the large windows are deadly traps for birds.

The hateful new fashion is to enclose the gardens of the houses with glass.

But I also discovered glass doors in the gardens.

I complained to the ornithologists and they sent me a book on this problem.

This book was sent to architectural firms but nothing has changed (Switzerland).

Incidentally, the government does not want to bow down to this serious problem.

You know what to do:

boycott these constructions.

Only in this way will this hateful and criminal fashion stop.

Also, pressure governments to remove these already existing death traps.

And if anyone disagrees, I kindly ask:

Have you ever hit your head against the glass?

The paradox they then talk about is people’s privacy.

In the hope of not having created another stupid discussion.

Thanks for the attention


I apologize for my english


Trappole mortali per uccelli

Non solo le finestre o meglio le grandi vetrate sono delle trappole mortali per gli uccelli.

La nuova odiosa moda é di recintare i giardini delle case con dei vetri.

Ma ho scoperto anche delle porte a vetro nei giardini.

Ho reclamato con gli studiosi di ornitologia e mi hanno inviato un libro dove si parla di questa problematica.

Questo libro é stato inviato agli studi di architettura ma nulla é cambiato.

Tra l’altro i governo non si vogliono inchinare su questa grave problema.

Sapete cosa bisogna fare:

boicottare queste costruzioni.

Solo in questo modo si fermerà questa odiosa e criminale moda.

Inoltre fare pressione sui governi per far togliere queste trappole mortali già esistenti.

E se qualcuno non é d’accordo gli chiedo, cortesemente:

Mai picchiato la testa in un vetro ?

Il paradosso che poi parlano si privacy delle persone.

Nella speranza di non aver creato un altra stupida discussione.

Vi ringrazio per la vostra attenzione



Domestic cats are by far the most deadly thing to birds, but i doubt we can do anything to diminish cats right? ;)

There are special stickers you can glue to these glasses so birds can spot them and prevent collision. What causes the collision is the reflection they produce, so depending of how it is installed it works alright. If there’s no way to reduce the reflection you have to keep it dirty with moss, webs, the stickers I mentioned and even use coconut soap to “draw” shapes in the mirror (apparently birds can spot the drawing better than we do).

Some references for solution against bird collision:


Your speech is perfect.
Have a nice day

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I think this is one of those things where we need both to educate individuals not to install large glass in their houses, and also to petition governments to create bird-safe building regulations.
Personally I favor the grassroots approach because the government will rarely listen to even the best, most rational arguments unless they think it will be popular too… And even then, only maybe.

And I think most everyone would agree that for existing large panes of glass, it would be best practice to find ways to minimize the damage – with stickers or whatever works.


Here in Canada we have a program that offers info and ideas for preventing bird collisions: Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP) Canada, Worth a look! Some cities have developed their own initiatives based on this program, e.g., Safe Wings Ottawa - Both sites are helpful at the individual home and public building levels.


I know exactly what you are talking about! I saw them advertised but now I can’t quite find it but something like this
or this

Yes, they are terrible. I think they are even worse than windows because what’s beyond them often appears to just be natural habitat with plants etc.
There are some great ways to help reduce bird collisions with windows and similar structures, but what exactly am I supposed to do? Go vandalize my neighbors’ patios with soap? Take part in guerrilla sticker placements?
It would be better if manufacturers were required to build in visibility measures into the product. I love the grassroots approach but always these types of movements fail to reach a majority of the people. Government has a much farther-reaching impact.


@roby Your English is fine and thank you for bringing attention to the window hazard for birds

This company provides an inexpensive solution to prevent bird strikes on windows both for homes and commercial buildings.

These are specially coated clinging decals (no glue) that ward birds away from windows. I know they work as I have been using them for many years. I used to get a couple bird strikes a year on my garden-facing kitchen window. I have not had one in the last 8-10 years since i started using the semi-opaque clings. They last for years through winter rain and summer sun, and still remove easily when I want to replace them.

If you do not like the idea of semi-opaque window decals, This company now sells a liquid so you can just apply small dots here and there over the window. I have not used it.

Window Alert also has solutions for larger commercial buildings. I have no experience with that, but I’d look into it if I had such a building.

Just noting I have no financial interest of any kind in WindowAlert. I buy packets of the decals from my local wild bird store.


This is great! I rent a basement so I don’t have much use for them though… Maybe one day :P

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LOL, yes, you would not need these. :wink:

I sometimes give these as little gifts to friends with garden-facing windows.

The local wild bird store sells them for $6 to $10, depending on the style.

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this is what I use with much success, not perfect but I think that could be human error:


We call that a “Garden Suite”. Still, surface scratching birds trying to make a quick getaway from low down threats may choose to fly through what they perceive as an escape route.


I have read that placement of bird feeders makes a difference. Those feeders that attach directly to the window, or are placed very near the window, are actually safer, because the birds are slowing down for a landing, or not yet accelerated after takeoff, and have time to detect the window.

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Is Darwin still popular? Or respected? I think his Survival of the Fittest is still meaningful. He said, “it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but those that are most responsive to change” in 1809.

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Are you saying you agree with the practice of creating as inhospitable of an environment as possible so that only the creatures that are adaptable to change survive?

I have quoted Darwin.

but not interpreted Darwin.


So let’s not interpret me quoting Darwin :nerd_face:


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