Dear hymenopterists, I need your help again


Yesterday I found a gorgeous green sweat bee in the mall trapped in a window, so I decided to rescue it. But as soon as it was inside my hand, it started making some weird squeaking sounds! I had no idea bees could do this, and sadly I couldn’t take any pictures or recordings, but I was really surprised about it.

And yes, the bee was released successfully. :slightly_smiling_face:


Velvet ants make squeaking sounds when captured/harassed as a warning/release call.


stridulation is known in ants, too. i’m not sure about bees specifically, but that sort of thing sounds like what you’re describing.

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June beetles and male bees and wasps squeak when held. Female bees just sting you without the buzzing or squeaking.


Um yes, but in bees???

It was a very strange stridulation, I mean, way louder and creepier than for example, a longhorn beetle.

So it was very likely a male!! It did bite me but never stung.

Cotinis nitida?

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Where are you from?
And are you sure it was a sweat bee?
I haven’t heard of wild bees making such sounds, they of course buzz but I don’t know about squeaking.
In my area sweat bees are very willing to sting when in danger, so either it’s not universal or it was a male indeed

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Phyllophaga vetula and Polyphylla decemlineata

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Oh, those June beetles.

Yucatan peninsula, Mexico.

Ummm, yes? Yeah, I’m pretty sure it was a sweat bee. I believe it was a male but have no idea of how to tell sexes apart from morphology or physical characteristics.

I’ve actually noticed this with male and female carpenter bees.

For a college entomology project I collected 1 of each sex. I noticed the male made some kind of disturbing sounds, while the female was silent.

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:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

So my bee very likely was a male.

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