Default checklists in iNat "Places"

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How do I get the Larose Forest “iNaturalist place” page to display the default checklist? The observations and people tabs are populated, but the species tab is blank.

At this time, I do not wish to create a project and manually curate a species list either.

When non-standard places are created by a user, there’s a check-box option to allow checklists. It appears that the creator of this place did not allow them, so there is no default checklist. That option can be changed, but I think only by the original creator.

Yes, and the user that created the place has a total of six observations and was last active in June, 2019 so I don’t think that messaging them to tick a box will work. Perhaps a site curator or admin can do so?

If you want a curator to help, I think the proper way to do this is to flag the place (link just below the map on the place page).

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I just ticked the ‘allow checklists box’ for this place

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Thanks, that solved it.

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