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I submit & identify a lot of Lepidoptera, especially moths. When perusing a family or genus for possible identifications, it would be really helpful if the default taxon photo was cropped square to show the entire insect. Moth photos are pretty standardized (dorsal/lateral), so it’s not hard to find an existing photo that is good quality and cropped square for most species.
With Chrome at 100% (not zoomed in or out), many photos cropped as rectangles cut off parts of the wings critical to identification.
Many of the default photos are locked by the curators, so I wasn’t sure where to make this suggestion.
I use a PC (Chrome) for iNaturalist. So if this does not apply to other platforms, please advise. Thanks


I’m pretty sure this is not the case. There are a few taxa that are locked, but they are mostly higher level taxa and they are locked by staff, not curators. Any user can edit most taxa by selecting Curation —> Edit Photos from the taxon page. Do you have an instance where you can’t do this?

(Note that there are some extra options for me because I’m a curator.)


I just tried a few species and saw the lock symbol on photos. Not so with all species, but I didn’t want to step on any toes.
Here’s an example where the first 3 photos have the lock symbol and are cropped as rectangles.

And here’s a screenshot of how Leps look with Chrome at 100%.

The symbol in bottom right corner of these images is not a lock, it’s just a link to the picture. It opens in a new tab for me (on Edge).


Yes, that’s a link symbol, and it’s visible on every photo. You can click the X to remove the photo, or you can add/rearrange photos by dragging.


The photos don’t have to be cropped square. If the crop is not too adjusted to the subject, then it should do the job.

Thanks, but are the default icons square, just curious, on all platforms?

Sorry, a link, not a lock? Pardon my ignorance, but why is that symbol there?

It links to the photo source and info.


Good question. It’s a square with Edge and Firefox on PC but checking with Safari on my phone, it’s a rectangle with the length horizontal, so I see a larger part of the wings but still not all of it.


Thank you for clearing that up for me!

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