Different icon for forum


Accessing the new forum from my phone for the first time, and it offered me to put a shortcut on the home screen… Cool. However, the icon ends up being very similar to the iNat app icon. Can we have a different icon, maybe 3 birds stacked offset, to represent a group… Lol… 3 little birds :slight_smile: would help me to not “worry 'bout a thing” :smiley:



Definitely! I think the current idea is to have maybe an animal with a speech bubble coming out of it. I just chose the bird because it was available and easy to install for this trial.



I agree, even on desktop, I’d like the banner to be ‘iNaturalist Forum’ rather than “iNaturalist” as they are two different sites.

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@tiwane why can’t I vote for this topic?



i don’t think you can vote for forum feedack just feature requests



Voting is only allowed in the Feature Requests category. This category a general discussion category so voting hasn’t been turned on for it.

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