Diptera of China or Asia

I am Binta, an MSc student currently studying in Central South University Changsha, China. I am currently on my research and I need a very good key for the order Diptera in English language.

my program is in English and all available materials are in Chinese. identification is key in my research.

any free textbook of insects and or diptera or blowflies will be helpful. I am really struggling due to lack of English materials like keys and textbooks. I really need help.
my email is bintajjjallow@gmail.com
thank you.


The Royal Entomological Society publishes keys in English and the older ones are available as free downloads.

Out of print handbooks - Royal Entomological Society (royensoc.co.uk)

But the keys are for British insects so they might help you get to family but won’t include most of the species in China.

For keys to Chinese species written in English, you probably need to search via Google Scholar and you might find a revision of a particular genus or family.


Diptera is very numerous. There are likely some resources online. There are restrictions in China on using Google or some other search engines. The tools available in the internet is Google Translate. There could be other apps that can scan the chinese text and convert the text. School and public libraries may have books, but Entomology is a rarely researched subject, unless it involves increasing agriculture output. I found bits and pieces of pdf files online.
example : http://hkentsoc.org/bulletin/hongkong_entomological_bulletin1(1).pdf


Emailed you a key and some advice on trying to maximise knowledge.

Good luck.

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I use Edge, which I believe is powered by Bing, and it also has a translate function very similar to Google Translate.


thank you. I really appreciate

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thank you. this will really help.

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You are very welcome: big help to me too, so thank you too!

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