Discussion about an inappropriate joke

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exonie started this topic, not me.

I also was wondering that. I thought it was the birds originally.


I hadn’t come across monica wasp. How many IDs and obs have we lost to one nasty comment?


I am disappointed that ‘nice tits’ caused a woman interested in wasps to delete her iNat profile.

Was there really a profile and not with birds? I thought that was a joke, that sounds awful.


I’d suggest to let this topic go here. The thread has been started as a joyful way to praise the creativity of users and what has happened is regrettable but shouldn’t be rehashed over and over and negatively side-track and fragment the main topic.


I think it’s fair to ask a genuine question, I’m not sure about “over and over” comment, I just saw it and wanted to make sure I understood it correctly. It doesn’t stop anyone from continuing the thread.


This sounds like brushing sexual harrassment under the rug. Are you saying that issues of sexual harassment are not important and should not be allowed to spoil your happy thoughts? I am unaware of the triggering incident and would like to know more so that I know what I am getting into here.


When did this happen and what was done about it?

It’s a hidden comment at the start of this thread, I thought it was a usual pun about Great Tits being a bird’s name, but link to the profile went nowhere, so I thought it was a joke with non-existent name.


Thanks for the info. That hidden comment was definitely inappropriate.


Where and how can we get facts if the profile is deleted?

Thanks Google.
This was uploaded by Monica (with … actual wasps, gasp)

Maybe - but yours is last active in April 2022.
Who knows?
Also a different profile picture to the guide one?

I am extremely hesitant to put my thoughts here, as I have been castigated roundly for speaking out previously.

That said, I am the person who posted immediately after the comment in question, you might note. At that time, the profile link led nowhere. There already was no such profile. I was, I believe maybe the 6th person to click the link.

The guide to which you link @dianastuder appears to have been posted (or at least edited) by a different party entirely. (Look below American Carpenter Ant on page 1.)

What I do know: I do know that people delete their profiles for many reasons, none of which we have the right to demand to know, even as knowing the reason someone leaves might help the larger community avoid similar occurring again.

Additionally I know that sometimes differences in language may lead to jokes or attempts at humor falling flat. (I have myself experienced this.) To be honest, having no familiarity with most birds my first thought when I saw the “oops no page here” drawing was that it was a poke at the appearance of the drawing. I did not see it but I thought maybe this is someone who is laughing at the “profile picture” that appears when a profile leaves and who chose a vulgar term not knowing that term was particularly vulgar. It was ick but not 50 posts later ick was my reaction, especially in the absence of any action from Staff or Moderator.

I do not ignore harrassment, believe you me, but having posted so immediately thereafter I just am not clear that any harrassment actually occurred. Nonetheless, the post has been reported and hidden, the party aggrieved either never existed or has chosen to take whatever action they deemed fit, and we are not entitled to a play-by-play.

Here is where we are currently: fifty posts later the topic is being discarded in favor of looking up various members named Monica, which honestly feels a little unsettling. Even if one were to track down a party and even if that party had left iNaturalist, that party has the right to leave without being… tracked down and what? Questioned?

If the original comment was inappropriate, this is beginning to feel as well.


We’ll agree to differ.
I presume the original commenter had a profile picture to bring to this thread.
Or why bother to comment?


He may have! I did not see it and so assumed he was poking fun at the creature drawing.

But even if this person does exist, they have the right to leave or change identities or go silent or whatever without having that decision dissected and without being tracked down, is my point.

Staff and Moderators (Curators? Unclear on roles between forum and iNaturalist) may have information we do not but we are not entitled to it, much as we may wish we were.

Not sure if https://www.inaturalist.org/people/monica.wasp ever was a real link, because it seems like you can’t register a username with a dot in it. Monica Wasp does exist and is a model.

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From what I can tell there was never a user named “monica wasp” in any format, and I checked deleted users as well. And yes, it’s not even a name you can use on iNat. I think it was a poorly conceived joke, let’s not continue to give it life by discussing it.

I personally like to see photos of the actual user, but I totally understand and accept the many reasons why someone would not want to have their photo on iNat.


Now that this is settled, can we drop it and get back on to the OP’s intent?


Maybe lift out the discussion to a fresh thread.
And close it.

Then we can stay with my Green Hair Man - who is busy collecting each and every one of our silver trees for iNat.