Distance accuracy is rounded down when values are not whole numbers

I’ve just noticed that if you input an accuracy value of <1m, iNat does not save the value at all regardless of whether you input it when adding or when editing an observation. I had a play around and also noticed that any non-integer value will get rounded down - e.g. if I input an accuracy of 2.5m, when I save and go back the value is just 2m.

Sometimes I have sightings where I know exactly where I have seen an organism (e.g. on a specific bush or rock that can be seen from a satellite photo) so I can often narrow down the accuracy to less than a metre. If iNat can’t deal with these values that’s fair enough, but the problem is that they are being rounded down when really they should be rounded up. If I have given an accuracy of 2.5m and iNat rounds up to 3m, that’s still accurate, but if it rounds down to 2m as it is currently doing, the new number is now potentially inaccurate (as the sighting could be within the 2.5m circle but not within the 2m circle, whereas it will always be within the 3m circle).

This appears to be the cause of the initial issue - if a value such as 0.5m is inputted, it gets rounded down to 0m and hence the value is simply not recorded. I know for certain then that some of my sightings will not have accuracy recorded, but I don’t know which. I imagine this could be the same for other users as well.

I hope it is easy enough to simply change these values to round up instead of down. I also can’t imagine how this could be used retroactively, so does anyone know if there is a way to search your observations to see which do not have accuracy recorded so I can fix them manually?

Platform: Website

Browser: Chrome


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