Dodgy stuff in observations

Hi. I just found some dodgy images, and seek advice what to do. I flagged them up, but I am worried a kid might see them since I do not know how to hide them.
Does this stuff happen quite a lot or am I just the unlucky one?

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It is pretty uncommon in my experience. Most bad images I have seen are either pranks (plastic bugs, deliberate misidentifications, etc.) or copyright violations.


Please email and we can remove them if necessary.


Things that explicit aren’t super common. You can also flag for copyright infringement to remove the photo for everyone except curators.


I am afraid I do not use email, but It should definitely be removed! It is very explicit

I could link the profile of said user, but I feel that would not be a good idea

I flagged the pictures as copyright infringement to remove them from public view. The user should probably be suspended, too. @tiwane, look for flags that milodoingstuff created.

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Not sure, probably best to just let iN staff handle this.

I deleted the photos, thanks for bringing it to our attention.


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