Does anyone have iNaturalist poster or brochure designs to share?

Our staff participates in local events and we want to promote iNatualist but we don’t always have time to explain it to every person and many forget the name once they get home. Has anyone made brochures or even just little cards we could hand out?

An 11x17 poster that people could take a picture of with their phone would be good too. I hoping for a design that’s generic enough to use at many events.



There are these ones based on the Getting Started guide: PDF, PPTX, Google Slides, but they could definitely do with a refresh/update/streamlining.

A lot of different groups have put effort into promotional materials for the City Nature Challenge that you could use as examples for similar events.

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this is a basic id chart for minnesota thistle

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The San Diego Natural History Museum has some nice little cards that fold up to be wallet size:
in English:
and Spanish:

They have additional resources here:


Thanks for all of the suggestions!

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There’s a general “what is iNat” brochure now linked to here:


That’s terrific, thanks!

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@bouteloua: nice brochure.

Suggestion for everyone: whatever you’re handing out, add a QR code for phones to scan.