Does iNaturalist Automatically Obscure Threatened Snakes?

I’m really particular about where I log my observations, mostly going to the exact location where I saw them when applicable, but when it comes to uploading snakes (particularly Coluber constrictor & Coluber constrictor mormon), it automatically obscures them without me selecting it, and ends up putting them in spots significantly farther way from where I’ve seen them. Is this normal?

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directly from the help page:
" 1. Taxon geoprivacy: Taxa on iNaturalist can have multiple conservation statuses. A conservation status can be global or associated with a particular place. These conservation statuses help explain threats associated with a species. If the threats include pressures that are increased from location disclosure, the conservation status may include a geoprivacy setting of ‘obscured’ or in rare cases ‘private’. This will automatically apply this geoprivacy setting to all observations of that taxon globally or in the place specified by the conservation status.The iNaturalist community helps inform which taxa should have a taxon geoprivacy set by flagging taxa. iNaturalist curators and specific collaborating conservation organizations help respond to these flags, moderate discussions, and maintain taxon geoprivacy settings. The goal of these discussions is to reach a consensus that involves the iNaturalist community and informed external stakeholders such as department of natural resource professionals. If consensus cannot be reached, decisions are made by iNaturalist staff and iNaturalist network affiliates.
2. The mechanics of how information is restricted
Obscured: For obscured observations, the latitude and longitude are moved to private latitude and private longitude fields which are not publicly visible. The public positional accuracy is increased to the diagonal of a 0.2 x 0.2 degree cell (~500km2 at the equator or about the same size as the Isle of Man). Latitude and longitude are replaced with a random point within this cell."

you can view the many statuses applied to this species by going to and then clicking the Status tab


ohh thank you!


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