Does the Identify form suppress observations with Community ID: "No, it's as good as it can be"?

records with DQA of No, It’s as Good as it Can Get? I didn’t see anywhere on the form to set that parameter. Or does one have to use the url parmeters?

I’m not sure I understand the question, but here is where to check that box on Identify.

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Sorry - that was a bit cryptic! When i click Identify on the banner menu, are the resulting obs that appear automatically filtered to remove the “No, it’s as good as it can get” ones?

No, not necessarily. If there is only one ID on the observation, it doesn’t yet have a community ID, so the “No” checkbox won’t have “kicked in” yet.

In those cases, just add another ID and it will become casual grade.

Example: Blurry photo of a plant that literally no one could ever ID

  • IDer1: Dicots
  • IDer1 says No, the community ID can’t be improved
  • Observation is still needs ID since it doesn’t have a community ID yet (need 2 IDs for a community ID)
  • IDer2: Dicots
  • Observation is now casual grade
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However, if there are multiple concurring id’s and they are at a genus level, that will move the record to research grade, which of course will not show in the identity pool.

Like here for example

So I think the only answer is ‘it depends’ as different combinations of data will have different results from using that.


And this is just in the default view on Identify. You can choose to show casual observations or research grade observations as well.

So something that is Unknown, say, because it’s a very fuzzy pic of beach sand, and gets a "No, it can’t be improved " would continue to show up to subsequent identifiers? What’s the recommendation for what to use as an ID when it is really undiscernable? Just life?

if it’s just sand with no discernable organism you should mark evidence of organism as no

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That’s unfortunately the current situation. The alternative is to vote on this feature request that’s aimed at exactly the situation you describe until it gets the attention of iNaturalist staff.

I disagree that voting “no evidence” is the best course of action because often enough there is evidence, but not enough to meaningfully ID it. In addition, the flag “as good as it can be” covers cases of multiple species in abandoned observations – something we’re bound to see a lot of as a result of events like the upcoming nature challenge.

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