Downloading spreadsheet for compatibility to UK recording schemes

I want to download my iNaturalist data to then pass on to UK recording schemes.

The obstacles seem to be

  1. I only get one photo URL in the spreadsheet download, not all connected images
    Are there any ways to get all URLs in the download?

  2. Some recording schemes request additional data fields that don’t exist.
    I read I can add in an observation field or something to have a column for that in my download?
    If so, what is the typical one if I want to record the flower visited by a hoverfly?

  3. UK schemes require a UK grid reference not lat/long.
    Does anyone know of a way to automate this conversion?


3 -

2 - yes however one problem is there is extensive duplication of observation fields. There are likely a dozen or more all doing the same thing. Please note the list presented to you for export is driven by the ones you have most recently added to a record so there is that complication too.
Just go here and search for nectar or pollen or visiting or food etc to get an idea of the duplication.
For you personally if it is just your own, pick one from there and consistently use that one.

1- I dont think so but will let others confirm


Ok thanks, will take a look at the batch converter, that’s helpful.
Maybe I can automate somehow with the API too.

Yeah I noticed the range of observation fields looks pretty crazy!
Be good if some of this was a bit more standardised by the look of it.
Or if there were sets, e.g. an observation field series of fpreset to fill in for UK Hoverflies recording scheme.
Visiting sounds good, will check out.
Thanks again !

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If you are comfortable doing API extractions and programming, that does open a new set of windows for you. I did not list that as it is viable for a very small numbers of users. As far as I know there are put and delete endpoints for photos, but no get, but maybe doable other ways.

The site has addressed this in the past and they will not support standardization or consolidation of the observation fields. It will remain a free-for-all where any user can create a new one.


regarding the “free-form” nature of fields, the “annotations” functionality is sort of a way to standardise some aspects of it. Unfortunately interactions is not something iNat is designed for, but many of us do use it in that way. Check out especially the fields created with “interaction” in the name, @Jon_sullivan set up a whole bunch and they proved very useful…✓&q=interaction->&commit=Search


Thats super useful, just what I was looking for. Thanks!

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