Earliest First-hand Field Images of a Plant or Animal on iNaturalist?

I just wrote a journal article describing my efforts to find the earliest first-hand, first-person field images of organisms on iNaturalist.
This is sort of a follow-up to an earlier discussion on this forum of our own personal earliest observations:

My journal post describes the qualifiers for the search: Not a museum specimen, and not from a secondary (e.g. published) source. I won’t duplicate the info in that journal article here except to pose the question:

What is the earliest first-hand, first-person, field image of an animal or plant that you can find in the iNaturalist database? Please post a link and an explanation here as a comment if you find something interesting.


This is my earliest observation on iNat, just loaded but taken back from May 1965 when I was 13 years old: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/115480678
It was my second visit to Mana, having been there a few years previously with my father, see https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/107750070
For this school trip, my father hired a 200mm tele lens for me and this was the only useable photo taken, the 200mm lens just didn’t have the reach to get any other good photos.
Mana was (?is) one of the few National Parks in Africa where you could get out of a vehicle and go on foot without supervision - a very different experience!


Here’s some good candidates from the First Known Photographs of Living Specimens project:


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