Echo Meter II Pro

Recently started learning the Echo Meter II Pro and I’m a bit hesitant. I was warned that it’s not entirely reliable, but at what point can we have faith in it. I assume that a common bat like Tadarida brasiliensis would be fairly well vetted, but I’m already seeing Perimyotis subflavus, which has never been recorded in this precise location and I don’t see many trees around. P.subflavus has been documented hundreds of miles to the east…

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I don’t know anything really about bat calls and ID, but I can draw anecdotes from bird calls, which I’m very familiar with and have recently gotten auto-ID implementation with apps like Merlin.

For me, the Merlin app is very useful to learn about the possibilities but in my opinion should never be used as definitive evidence without further vetting. AI, at this point at least, has its limitations and is not perfect. Does the software allow you to keep recordings as mp3s or other files? Again, I don’t know bat ID but you could import that into a program that shows spectrograms (Audacity is OK and free) and if there are sites/literature that show bat spectrograms or list frequencies, call lengths, etc., you could confirm that way.

Conversely you could post them to iNat with broad-level IDs and hope they get ID’ed :)

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