Editing a species name spelling

What’s the preferred/simplest way to edit a scientific name when some aspect of the spelling is in need of changing?

So should we ‘Create a new taxon’ (for the revised name)
Then do a ‘taxon-swap’ 1-1? (to transfer all from old name to new)
Just seems rather convoluted.

Here’s my case -
But the spelling of the species epithet is wrong - misformed at origin, since it is an adjective. The alternative was published in revision catalog of Kury 2003 it should by Cosmetus pulcher and adopted subsequently.
Per "Incorrect originally applied gender declination. Species epithet is a Latin adjective of the 1st and 2nd declensions (pulcher, pulchra, pulchrum). Therefore, the nonexistent mock-masculine inflection “pulchrus” should be corrected to pulcher.

Flag the species and tag the user who created it (can find that info by clicking edit taxon and scrolling to the bottom of the page), and ask them to directly edit the spelling

if they don’t respond, then you need to

as you cannot edit the spelling if you didn’t create that taxon


and consider voting/chiming in at https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/allow-taxon-curators-to-edit-taxon-names-reducing-pointless-taxon-changes-for-fixes-like-epithet-ending-changes-or-adding-hybrid-symbols/15050


@ thebeachcomber Lovely - we get there! Just edited without space for user, plus a private message too - seems he was active about a week ago, so given a bit of time, let’s see.

@ bouteloua I’ll check, yes, sounds like I’m going to vote on that also - after adding 4 new species, make 3 synonomies and then get confused for an age how to deal with 2 cases where malformed scientific names did not match the published catalogs … ;)


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