European bivalve and mollusc ID resources

Can anyone recommend any bivalve and mollusc resources for identifying beach shells?
( in Iceland …so I state European, but I guess there will also be overlap with NE American species ? )

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Have you tried looking at the observed species list in an area (which you can customize easily)?(
I think this link will include allmost all the common bivalves in your area, plus some of the rarely observed ones, although some might be wrongly identified.
You can change the search subject from bivalve to anything else too.

Since I am a mollusc identifier (Better at marine molluscs than land, but I can still do land), feel free to tag me (if many, DM me links) for any observations you would like an ID confirmation.


Thanks for the link with a broader custom boundary!.. that’s an approach I hadn’t tried.
I had searched for national obs, but most obs are actually mine in any case as I’m in a country with few observers.

I am interested in identifying the more obscure observations that I haven’t seen before and identifiers haven’t been able to ID… - so I just wondered if there were keys and more typical ID resources external to iNat ( also to get a sense of anything I am missing which is key to identification ).

But yes, will tag you in on a few too :)

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