Exclude obscured observations from missions on Android app

It seems rather pointless to direct users that a species ‘has been seen here’ and then show the randomized location.

Especially given that many app users will be unaware of how obscuring works and this may push them to visit places they should not be (ie private land etc)

I guess it depends on how “focused” of a mission the user is looking for.

For some, knowing that a rare species has been seen “nearby” could still be a good heads-up to be on the lookout, even if the exact location isn’t available.

But I agree at least that it should be made very clear which locations are “exact” (separate set of issues there), and which have been randomized. And maybe just provide the randomized ones as a “BOLO” list (Be On the LookOut) with no associated location information.


i don’t know how the missions work, but more generally, maybe they shouldn’t include things with large accuracy(m) values?