Export contains too many records error when it actually doesnt

Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Website

Browser, if a website issue (Firefox, Chrome, etc) : Chrome

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Trying to get an export of the obscured taxa in Canada (I dont actually want the observations, just the taxa list with common names but I dont see an export taxonomy list). There are 51,000 observations. Try to run the export, get an error telling me exports have to contain fewer than 200,000 records.

I’ve turned off all the columns in the export other than the 5 taxon ones to see if it is a file size issue. Same error ‘Failed to save record: Exports cannot contain more than 200,000 observations’.

I’m not a professional statistician (at least anymore), but 50,000 is less than 200,000 no?

Attempt to generate

it doesn’t look like the export applies the &taxon_geoprivacy=obscured filter.

what @pisum said. When you scroll down to the preview, you’ll see that every Canadian observation is being exported via your link

geez, I remember this, in fact I’ve posted it as a bug previously which must not have got addressed, where the filter it applies into the box does not inherit all the parameters you’ve chosen…

not sure if this is a bug exactly. once you get outside of the standard filters and start applying URL filters, i’m not sure the export page necessarily is going to accept all those same filters.

Kind of defeats the purpose of putting a message there saying paste in a URL from another search on the site only to have the search not be applied…

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