Extreme macro twin flashes?

I have a Laowa 25mm and really struggle to get the necessary light with my Nikon and Speedlite flash…

Has anyone tried the Venus Optics KX800 and if so found it solves issues around this?

Apart from anything else I really like the idea of looking like my subject matter with these twin flashes…


I’ve been with @kueda when he’s used that lens (which is really really difficult to use) and he uses a twin flash (I think the Meike one now? but I could be wrong). Here are some obs where I think he used that set-up:



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Just wanted to note for anyone else thinking of buying this what my experience was:

The results were a complete gamechanger compared to my previous setup with a Nikon Speedlite… massive shift in DOF possible and LED top light enables you to work in low-light/no light conditions which is wild. Huge difference in useability for a lens like this.

But sadly it only lasted one day!
I put the batteries in the wrong way round and then it blew a fuse and started smoking.

To my horror, the UK distributor (Carmarthen Cameras) said this wasn’t covered by them ( apparently putting batteries in the wrong way around is user error! )… so it was up to the manufacturer whether or not they refunded. Thankfully the manufacturer refunded it in the end.

In general, the build quality certainly feels a bit weak - it’s made by a third party not Laowa themselves ( whose lenses feel like quite exceptional products to me ). So I am sceptical of buying a second time…however, I realised they are available directly from AliExpress/China for half the price, and given how good it was even just for one day, I think I will give it a run for it’s money a second time.

Belated thanks for the links Tony!
Would be curious how it compares to the Meike.
I’m guessing the Meike might be better build quality.
I just love both the look of the Venus Optics one though (it makes you look like an insect yourself) and the control you have with the arms is really practical and exciting to play with.

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This topic was automatically closed 60 days after the last reply. New replies are no longer allowed.