Failure to retain circular vs rectangular maps

If I create a circle on a map, and say “search on map”, it ignores the circle and searches the rectangle.

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If I create a circle on a map, and then say “search on map” to restrict my findings to that region, it zooms back out to the larger rectangle.

as soon as you finish using the tools to create a circle or rectangle it will filter the records to that boundary.
Clicking on ‘Redo search on map’ does a different job,and will filter records to the visible map area.
i.e. you shouldn’t click on ’ Redo search on map’.
If the observations are not being filtered as soon as you create a circle then you have an issue, but I don’t see that behaviour.


I have this happen too after using the rectangle tool. The search result is initially restricted to the rectangle boundary but after I open an individual record, and then try to go back to the list, it reverts back to the search result from the entire screen.

It sounds like the behavior folks want is for the drawn circle/rectangle to be “sticky”.

@je9h I would recommend just opening individual observations in new tabs (by right-clicking, ctrl-clicking, etc.) You can then view them there and your boundary search will remain open and intact.

This is correct behaviour. The “Redo search on map” button overrides any circle or rectangle you may have previously drawn and sets the search area to the visible screen.

What should happen when you use the circle/rectangle tool is that as soon as you draw the shape, the search is redone in the drawn area instantly without the need to click anything else. It appears that that could be the step that is malfunctioning for you?

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Alright, I think y’all have convinced me this is appropriate behavior, and I’m not currently having any trouble with the map auto-refreshing to circular or rectangular bounds. Thanks, everyone! Sorry for the false alarm.