Family and genus-level IDs

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I recognize that species level ID would be best. But in many cases, particularly larvae, or in the case of deer mice, genus or even family will be the best that can be done.

If we know up front that species level ID is impossible do we avoid these groups and lose valuable information?

Also, to be deemed research grade, it seems we need to get to species level? If all agree that some organism belongs in a genus and that species-level ID is not possible, it would seem to me that it would be research grade. Many published research studies use genus and family-level ID.

Thoughts for the evening and I hope this has not been covered elsewhere…or if it has please link us in.

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Obvservations can achieve research grade at the genus level, if there are still the same voting requirements met, and the ‘Can the ID be improved - no’ option in the data quality section is selected.

For example:

I believe genus is as high up the taxonomic tree this applies to, I dont think it applies at family or even higher.


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