Filter for &without_field:FieldName

All suggestions in the forum, neither for observations nor for identifications are not working and the API documentation does not contain any &without_field parameters, so i reckon that the feature simply is not implemented, hence the feature request.

Here is an example of what i would like to accomplish with that filter:

It used to work!! It doesn’t now :-( I really need it to work because I use it often.

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Then vote for that feature request ;-)

I cannot as I have no votes left!

Also, this should perhaps be a bug report rather than a feature request, because it did used to work.

You could unvote another less important one, then you have one more vote left.

I could, but I choose not to. Mostly because I think this is in fact a bug report not a feature request.

Given the new discussion happening here, I wouldn’t worry too much about votes on Feature Requests. Staff will still see the Feature Request topics that get posted, and prioritize the ones they deem suitable.

That said, this request certainly has my support! Let’s wait for staff to weigh in on whether this is a bug or not. It’s possible that the previous functionality was intentionally disabled for some reason.


The API has never supported a without_field parameter, but it is a feature we would consider adding