Filter multiple taxa in the "Identify" page?

Hi all,
I would like to do some more IDing, but I am not sure about the most efficient way. I don’t have any broader taxon in particular where I am “expert” in, rather I know how to identify a number of unrelated plants, birds, insects, fungi, etc. in my country. Using the “Identify” page will mostly show me stuff that I cannot ID, so I have to click through all the observations in order to find the few that I can ID. This is ineffective especially since my internet connection is very slow.

It’s easy to filter when you are interested in a certain group, e.g. bats or birds. But what I am looking for is a way to filter multiple taxa (mostly species and genera) at once. Is there a way to use some sort of custom list of taxa to filter on the “Identify” page? A list which I can gradually expand when I learned to identify new taxa?


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Yes, you can either string together the taxon ids in the URL, or create a list of them and search with the list. See and


Thanks, but how does this work with the “Identify” feature?

For example, I have the following list:

Now the url calling the “Identify” feature should be like this if I understood correctly:

But nothing shows up! What am I doing wrong?

Thanks again!


Nevermind, I got it now: the correct url must be

Thanks, it is working now for me!


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