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Is there a way to filter the identify page by species that you have observed?


What exactly do you want to see? Global observations of species you’ve observed? Your observations sorted by species?

Whatever the solution might be, it’s going to involve using purpose-built URLs.

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Do you want the opposite of

Taking the “un” out didn’t work so either there is no opposite or it has an illogical name (most of the URL components aren’t logical, so no surprise there.)


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Doing this takes some time but it is possible.

First of all, you need to export your observations. Head to your observations, click filters, and there is an option to download at the bottom. You need to tick the “taxon_id” box and can unselect the others.

After downloading the excel file copy everything under taxon_id, in order to use these on the URL you need to separate them with commas so head to a website where you can input column data and get comma-separated data. (Found this from a quick search

Finally copy all data and paste it at the end of this:

This will show you all observations that have the same community taxon in your observations. Meaning if you have an observation that is ID’d as kingdom animalia, all observations of that will show up. In order to get species only, you can narrow your query to species only before exporting.

Hope this helps


I want to be able to identify peoples obs of species I have seen.

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