Filter observations not in a certain traditional project

I have created a traditional project called “My Yard Survey” to track all species within the boundaries of my property. I have set the location on all my yard observations as public, but for privacy without obscuring the location, I used a nearby public park and widened the circle to include my property. I added all observations tagged “Yard Survey” to the project.
I would like to filter all of my observations for those NOT found in the project, in case I forgot to tag them as being part of the “Yard Survey.” I have already read the pages on url searches and searched this forum without finding the answer.
Thank you!


On the main page of traditional project is a link to “find fitting observations”, it shows basically those obs that are not in a project and meet criteria.

I did not set the criteria for the project since I am the only contributor and will be adding observations manually. I can do that with each upload from now on. At this time, I’m making sure that all my previously uploaded observations are included.
“Find Suitable Observations” gives me all observations on iNaturalist.
Can you suggest criteria that would only show my own observations? Without the tag “Yard Survey” or “not in project My Yard Survey?”
I’m a total newbie, so any help appreciated.

I figured it out. I used a url search for my ID number found under “Search Multiple Observers,” bullet point #2 (substituting my user ID found at the end of my profile URL):
and added, immediately following my ID number: &not_in_project=my-yard-survey
Then I zoomed in to the general area covered by my pinned location circle.
Posting the solution in case anyone else needs it.

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Of course, now I can’t figure out how to batch edit the observations that I’ve found with the URL search. Any ideas appreciated!

From your explanation you set the place wider than what you need, one way is to make one only of your yard, call it randomly to not be found by others, then open this places’s list of observations and add url of “not in a project”. Then you can delete the place.

Unfortunately, I take my photos with a DSLR that does not geo-locate. So I set each photo location as I upload to iNat with the wider parameter I mentioned in my original query. The only way I know the exact location is from memory (which is why I immediately tag them “Yard Survey” or by other locations).
In my photo software (Lightroom), I add the actual GPS location for my own use, but that is never shared publicly.

You can just obscure location of those observations, that way true spot would be shown for you only or users you trust.

True, but I understand that they would then not be added to certain collections and projects?

Depends on where the “spot” will end up, but in collectional projects for bigger territory they definitely will be included.

If you open your project, there is also a tab on the right listed “Add from my observations” - it omits observations already added to the project so you can scroll through to see which of your observations you’d like to include. You can refine the results in the search box.

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