Filter out irrelevant observations from my project

I just started a project to record data for a water invertebrate survey. I only want to include observations I (and that the other volunteers I add) made during the surveys. Currently all observations I have made at the included location (project settings filters) are being included in the survey. Simply excluding all non invertebrate tax might not be enough as any insects etc we observe out of the water at the same forest will automatically be included. This will harm our statistics. How can I add a switch to my project so when a project member makes an observation they have to manually add it to the project?

welcome to the forum @demi-rose. What you’ll want to do is create a traditional project instead of a collection project like you’ve done. Traditional projects require users to manually add their observations like you want. You can make one of those by going to this link:

Given your project currently only has 5 observations in it, it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle to delete that project, and add those 5 to the new one

Thank-You Beachcomber. How do I create a traditional project. When I created the project “collection” and “umbrella” where the only options I could see.

just head to that link I posted above :)

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when you press start a project, it’s a little bit hidden at the bottom:

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Or if you don’t have too many taxa observed there, you can add those in project filters, like waterbugs and stoneflies, etc. but it’ll work only if you don’t observe same species in other habitats.

did you make any “other” observations during the timeframe of your survey? You could add a date range which might be enough to filter out the unwanted observations.

I think this will be an ongoing project

Welcome to the fourm demi-rose! It’s great to have you here :)

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