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I love iNaturalist, and am totally addicted. I’ve now made over a thousand identifications… and - just today, I finally found out the Asters of this area aren’t actually in the genus “Aster,” which I was using liberally.

Now I am trying to go back through and correct my mistake, but going through a thousand identifications is fairly tedious. Is there any way to sort the list of things I have identified to just pull out the Asters? I can’t seem to find one. I was thinking to make a feature request for it, but was hoping I wasn’t overlooking something before I did.



Here’s the same thing in the ID tool interface:

This should get you started. The problem with these things is that they don’t cover cases where the current ID is not Aster. So if somebody else added a disagreeing ID, and now the observation ID is asteraceae, these URLs won’t find it. You may want to cast a wider net at a higher taxon level after you go through the aster one.

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@aphili8 here’s the open feature request to make filtering/searching your and others’ identifications easier:


Not sure about using the identify view, but the one I linked to returns records regardless of their current community id, it is based on what you id’ed it as. If you scroll through the list, you’ll see several with tribe or even family level community id’s currently (its the id on the left, the right one is what you did)

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Thank you - I will have to play around with it!

Hi buddy, sorry for bumping the thread, but the link is not working at my end. Showing “Resolving Host” for quite long.


Which URL are you entering? Specific details are incredibly important when trying to troubleshoot.

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