I need to correct some identifications I have made, is there an easy way to find them?

I am trying to construct a query so that I can easily find identifications of a particular species that I have made for others ( I need to make corrections ).

I think this would work if I knew the correct key for “identifier_id” instead of “user_id”


I suspect the reason it doesn’t work is that “identifier_id” is wrong or doesn’t exist.
This query gets me all observations of that taxon.

I found this in another topic. Could it contain the code format you are looking for?

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It probably does! Thank you!!

In Identify portal, check reviewed = yes and ident_taxon_id = whatever you originally entered. That’s how I usually track down old IDs if there aren’t too many.


For some reason I am still getting all examples of that taxon. I will continue tweaking it…

You can try this. Insert the taxon id you are looking for at the end


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Unfortunately that doesn’t work - I guess because I wasn’t in the Identify Portal when making the ID’s. In this case, I was reviewing Tamalia cowenii ID’s and suggesting an alternative when I knew it wasn’t Tamalia cowenii. Both the iNat CV and many people often mistakenly identify a fungal plant pathogen as the aphid gall. I thought I knew the pathogen better than I do, so I have given the wrong species name several times over the years. I am trying to go back and fix those.

Thank you! That partially works, but only picks one example when I recall many. I will play some more.

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You might be filtering out research-grade observations. Also, make sure that you enter the alternative IDs you mistakenly made at the end of ident_taxon_id=
Try this


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That still gets me only one. It might be something to do with this specific taxon because I think it might have recently been added to iNat.
I tried a different taxon and your construct works very well!

when you are querying for identifications (as opposed to observations), the you filter for the identifier using user_id. so the correct syntax for your constructed URL above would be:


this doesn’t return anything because this will return only active identifications by default. you’ve already withdrawn all your identifications of tax 130020, but you could find the withdrawn ones by using:



the API also provides a way to get identifications with a few additional filters. here’s a page that helps to display the API results in a more human-readable format:



Thank you!
And yes, I like that alternate display!!

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