Finding experts in other countries?


I was wondering if there is a good way to connect with entomologists in Cambodia, or anywhere for that matter. As a traveler, I am often in unfamiliar habitats and would love to ask questions to someone who knows the area. In the past, I have used projects to find local experts, but not every country has an active project. Any advice for me?

I would go and then look at the top few to see whether they seem to write a language I understand. I would then PM the ones that appear to. They might not be from there, but are familiar with several species there.

If there is a more specific area of expertise I needed, I would refine the search.

You might reach out to, they might have info on some as well.


Thanks! I will try that.

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Yeah, I’ve had a pretty good success rate reaching out to users in places where I plan on traveling, although that could be confounded by the fact that I’m an iNat staff and am more likely to get a response. But most people are on iNat because they want to share nature with others, so they’re usually pretty nice.

Two things that can’t hurt:

  • be a regular iNat user so that you’re more known among the community.
  • make sure you’re clear that you’re not looking to poach anything, as this is a touchy subject and a lot of people are distrustful of strangers online.

Do people send messages to random folks saying they plan to poach?

You might also look up data from GBIF, because it collates from so many places it may give the best overall view of diversity etc


You would be surprised the number of arrests due to people posting stuff on youtube and facebook. Not that they plan to poach, but they have with a freely given testimony about it. Some criminals are stupid. :)

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I have seen comments and messages to that effect, yes.

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