Finnish in English version and English in Finnish version

When I follow a taxon from a location in iNaturalist, the places are in Finnish and when I follow from iNaturalistFI, the places are in English.

Can you please share screenshots of both cases, and of your user settings? Thank you :)

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Welcome to the forum @naturanihilagitfrustra!

Everything in my settings are set to Finnish. What parts of the settings do you want? I have to take a whole lot of screenshots to give you every setting (that I don’t even feel comfortable to give).

I choose follow by place and there are no results when I type in “Varsinais-Suomi” or “Lounais-Suomi” (both means Southwest Finland). I can only get the result in English. In the English version it only gives is to me when I type it in Finnish.

@mikkohei13 Is this a problem any other Finnish users have been having?

There are two kind of “places” in iNaturalist (@carrieseltzer or someone correct me if I’m wrong here):

  • Standard places, created by iNaturalist Staff. In FInland these are the former Finnish provices (“läänit”) and current Finnish provinces (“maakunnat”), according to the database.
  • Community curated places, created by the users.

Places only have one name, without different language versions. Standard places names are in English. “Southwest Finland” is one of the standard places. (For some reason, some Finnish provinces have chosen to use English translations of their name, and some haven’t, so “Päijät-Häme” is also a valid “English” name of that province.)

Places also have a hierarchy, but it’s…complicated. Community places can be messy, since anyone can create a community place with any name. There’s a standard hierarchy and a community hierachy. is the “community Finland” and is the “standard Finland”.

Is there a way to browser downwards the place hierarchy? E.g. how can I know what subplaces does have? That would help understanding the places.

(Sometimes it also feels that the place search at least on the Explore-page works inconsistently: it might return different set of results when you use same search term multiple times. (Or same results in different order?) E.g. sometimes when typing “Europe” it finds the continent, and sometimes just offers things like “Europe Square, Tbilisi, Georgia”.)

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