Flora of Sierra Nevada Meadows to Guide Restoration

I’m looking to understand appropriate vegetation species for seeding meadow restoration projects in particular meadows throughout north-central Sierra Nevada (mostly on eastern slope). Unfortunately, my current project scope cannot include detailed field surveys, though I’ve been to each site, know some common species, soil conditions and hydrology…

I have lists of planted species in older restoration projects and want to understand what’s a good fit for a place versus what’s obviously imported from a different distributional area (e.g. may be a native plant in California but not that particular region). So far, I’m primarily using Calflora to look at distribution for each species, but also seek to consider soils, hydrology, communities. Curious if there are other resources I should consider, so I’ve listed my current bibliography below. Thanks in advance for any suggestions, eager to learn!

Online Databases, Search Tools, and Keys
Calflora - https://www.calflora.org/

Jepson eFlora - https://ucjeps.berkeley.edu/eflora/

Calscape - https://calscape.org/

CNPS Manual of CA Vegetation Online https://vegetation.cnps.org/

Flora and Field Guide Books and Reports
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Montane Sierra Nevada Vegetation

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