Food moth predator

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Do you know which arthropods are considered predators of food moth larvae?

Not only do birds and bats consume moths at every stage of the insects’ life cycle, so do lizards, small rodents, skunks and even bears. Other insects, including hornets and ants, prey on moth caterpillars, and both spiders and beetles feed on moth pupae tucked away in their cocoons.

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There’s a good bet that there exists a wasp parasitoid for every living species of moth.

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We have both clothes moths and braconids that live on them, but parasitoids will never get fully rid of the host, if you need that, so if (as) there’re parasitoids on food moth, they won’t kill all the larvae.

ok and what about arthropods living in leaf litter? are there any predators of these larvae?

I had to internet search to understand what kind of moth a food moth is, and it seems to mean Plodia interpunctella? Or maybe Ephestia kuehniella? The caterpillars that infest stored grain?

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As far as I am concerned, I am talking about food moths in the broad sense (it seems to me that there are several species)

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