Forum needs a more accessible log out button

There’s a nice, clear blue button at the top of the page for logging in, but not for logging out. Why? It seems strange that I have to hunt around in a menu to find such a basic feature. And to make matters even worse, it’s implemented as a text link at the bottom of the menu - which makes it hard to pick out from everthing else. At the very least, there should be a small log-out button at the top-right of the menu.


I think the log out button is okay; in fact, iNat uses the setup that most websites use. That is, you click on your profile icon, and at the very bottom is a “log out” of “sign out” option. I don’t see anything out of the ordinary.


Menus which include dynamic content should have all the control buttons at the top, so that they are easily discoverable. This is how major websites like Stack Exchange work. It is also very common to see a prominent log out button at the top of the page. Most security-conscious websites (such as online banks) have this, as well as major websites like Wikipedia.

It’s okay to have the log out button at the bottom of a profile menu, so long as the menu is relatively small and has fixed content. But the iNat menu is clearly not like that, so adding a small logout icon at the top right would be a definite improvement.

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@bazwal I totally agree. I hadn’t even noticed the log-out button until @ianhearn pointed it out. It should be at the top.

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Agree. Button should not scroll off the bottom of the screen.

Also, the forum could use a button that links to iNat. iNat interface easily leads you to the forum in a few places. Would be nice to be able to get back.

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I agree with Bozwal: you shouldn’t have to hunt around for a log out button. It should be as easy to find as the log in button. I noticed the same issue myself, but have never commented on it until now.