Fossils in rocks

The curator commenting on prehistoric creatures, made me think.
Is a picture of a fossil rock or a prehistoric shark tooth considered acceptable things to post? For example, I have some coral rock that you can see seashells embedded in. I also have a rock, with what looks like a fern or something and I have what I would presume is a prehistoric shark tooth.


Definitely fine to post, but it would be marked as casual grade.


I think of it as “off-label” use of iNat… not to be encouraged, definitely not supported (you won’t get feature requests approved to help your objective), and you definitely shouldn’t be doing so on a large scale or for significant projects. But hey, it happens!

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Not gonna lie, in my early days on iNaturalist I uploaded the occasional fossil to test the “scope” of iNaturalist’s taxonomy (like this one I made of Spinosaurus teeth), but it’s definitely within the minority of my observations and I would not feel comfortable doing this anymore than I have. Long extinct taxa like dinosaurs and mammoths are a burden on taxon curators.

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