Free form selection on the map

Hi, is there a possibility to use a free form selection for an area, in order to search more precisely in an area. This would be interesting for researches in an delimited nature reserve. f. ex.
Or is it only possible to select a rectangular section or search by name of the location ?


currently, your 3 choices for geographic filtering are:

  1. place (can include multiple places) – ex.,19
  2. rectangle – ex.
  3. circle – ex.

as a variation on filtering by place, you can also exclude places (ex. or

others have requested the ability for more “freeform” geographic selection (ex. or other related functionality (ex.

that said, based on the use case you’re describing, it sounds like filtering by a place may get you what you need. you would just need to create an appropriate place, if it doesn’t already exist. (if you have questions on how to create a place, feel free to ask. or if you search the forum, i’m sure that topic has been covered in excruciating detail many times.)


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