From Observation to Action: How iNaturalist Spurs Conservation

Expose on the evolution of iNaturalist in the Revelator!

“The popular app can help you identify species, but its global community of naturalists is contributing even more to biodiversity protection.”



This is a great article. I haven’t seen anything specifically, but I think there can be a debate that iNaturalist observations can reveal locations of vulnerable organisms (e.g. endangered species) and make them prone to being interrupted. However, it’s up to the community to educate others about how their observations may put a species at risk. I’ve personally tried to go through iNaturalist and figure out which species local to me should have better protection and I’ve been able to obscure the locations of those species in my area. There are great ways to improve conservation efforts through iNat and I totally agree that this app has inspired me to appreciate and learn about wildlife which has already translated to conservation efforts.


Thanks for this article! It’s short and punchy and easy to read; I posted it in our local Facebook Naturalists group and it was re-posted to a Master Naturalists site. I like the way it gets readers to think beyond just identification.


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