Functionality/searching question

I’m going through a ton of old photos to upload, and I’m not always sure if I’ve uploaded one or not. I try searching by date in the “my observations” field but it doesn’t always seem to catch it. I double check after I upload by searching by species, but I’m wondering if there’s a known issue? It seems weird that I can enter the exact date (using the metadata) of the photo in the filters, and not always have it work reliably.

Also, I have a question abou the “ID” designation (the little luggage tag looking thing) that shows up to the right of the “Needs ID/Research” grade designation. Sometimes it doesn’t show up at all if there’s a lot of agreeing IDs, but sometimes it shows “1 ID”. Was wondering what’s up with that?

I create a temporary subfolder, call it “done”, and after uploading observations I drop them into the subfolder. Then when the whole folder is complete, I can move them back up and get rid of the temporary folder.

If any of your observations get marked as captive/cultivated, then it can be default filters that block them from showing. It pays to check the filters to make sure there is nothing being filtered out that you weren’t aware of!

The luggage tag, I have no idea what that is! Do you have a screen capture you can put up?

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Is this the tag after Research Grade? It’s the computer vision ID symbol. It’s there because I clicked in the ID box on the Upload page to save myself from having to type out the species name.

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Oh! that does look like a luggage tag! I don’t think it matters whether it is AI/CV or not though, It was described recently and I think it is just something to do with how many different levels of ID there are, not counting ssp? I’ll go looking and see if I can find it…


You’re right–it’s not an indication of the computer vision.

It was reported as a bug, but I think it might just be how it is calculated. I’ll tag developers etc on the original post and see if anyone can explain.


The computer vision symbol is this one:


yeah, the “magical baggage” symbol :)


Yep! That’s the symbol. Wasn’t sure how to describe it.

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