Casual observations vs. Needs ID?

I uploaded two photos that I’d exported from a different photo software/version, and didn’t realize I hadn’t updated them with my GPS coordinates so I approximated within iNat uploader and don’t remember exactly what I did aside from making it a circle within that particular smallish open space, instead of a specific point. Then it showed up as Casual instead of Needs ID for some reason. I tried making the circle area smaller, but that didn’t change anything. I read the help on those two categories but I’m still unclear.
The species name is there from the import, from an expert, and the date and time are there though I had to correct the time (an export issue, not iNat). That didn’t change anything either.

I’m not sure how this affects observations ascending the ladder to Research Grade, vs. Needs ID, haven’t had this happen before. Any ideas?
This is the obs.:

Someone has marked the organism as Not Wild, hence the Casual tag.

The someone who marked it not wild is @moonlittrails - so you easily reverse that yourself.

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It has been counterbalanced now

As said previously, it was marked as Casual because you marked it as “not wild” - only wild biota can be considered for research grade (scroll down for Data Quality Assessment). Myself and @ajott marked it as wild to overrule your “not wild” vote. If it is in fact not wild, please let us know, but then know that that is the reason why it is left on casual.


I didn’t intentionally do that, and it was that way when I viewed it right after submitting it. My keyboard is a bit sticky on certain keys, so maybe that’s what happened. Thx


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