Fungal Conservation Status and Establishment missing for many species

As I was uploading observations on iNaturalist I noticed that many fungal species were lacking conservation statuses. For example a red list of macrofungi exists since 2007 in Switzerland (currently in revision, but it will take time to finish). As well, there is a list of neomycetes in Switzerland. Many other countries are this situation, missing local conservation and establishment information.
I know this is a lot of work and I don’t mind giving a hand for searching and updating data.

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I believe that anyone can update establishment means, so if there’s a list and you want to enter for Switzerland, I think you can.
Some instructions in this forum post:


Thanks! I was not aware of this feature. Now I have updated establishment status for all fungi in Switzerland that were present on iNaturalist (leaving 70 taxa missing). Now I would have hoped this was also possible to do the same with conservation status (or is it and I missed it?).

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Conservation status changes are done by curators. Your options are:

  • flag each taxon and give the details needed to support the conservation status
  • fill out the bulk conservation status template (note: minimum bulk request is 50)
  • apply to be a curator and make the changes yourself (though if you only want to make these changes now and don’t have further interest in curation in the future, this is not the best option)

Thank you for your helpful comment.
I’m interested in curation so I think I will apply to be a curator. The taxa I usually study and record are commonly absent from the database.

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