Generating an image of the worldwide distrubution map of a species on a website

I am making a quiz web app designed to teach insects taxonomy to highschool students. The students will be shown pictures of insects and will have to identify the order and family of the species shown on screen.
I thought about adding a map of the species distribution next to a picture of the species with each question.
Is there a simple way of generating an image of the Inaturalist worldwide distribution of a species?

This is how I would like the species Anthidium florentinum to show on the webpage:

I tried using the API ( to generate a heatmap but I don’t understand what to input in the zoom level and X/Y fields to get a map.
Also, is there a way to automatically get a “basemap” of the world with the API?

For example, I tried to get the heatmap of the species Anthidium florentinum (id=459050), worldwide (place_id=any) with a zoom of 1 at the coordinates X=0 and Y=0
but I have no idea where it went wrong and what I am looking at:



Probably not the answer you’re looking for. I do makeshift stuff such as you’re already showinging, with the limitations of screen caps. I do have access to a 4K screen which gives a bit more elbow room.

@pisum made a tutorial about this :


The GBIF also has a really nice mapping API you should check out

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Here’s the heatmap of observations for Anthidium florentinum:

Replace the numerical code fort the taxon_id if you want to generate a map for other species.


I take it when a country is outlined in green that means the species occurs there. But what does it mean when a country is outlined in orange, and why are there often countries (or territories) outlined in orange in which there are no observations of the species at all? Is it possible to turn off the orange countries?

It means that taxon is on the checklist for that place but has not been observed there on iNat. It’s not possible to turn only the orange ones off.