Generating maps for a species within a specific place

Is there a way to generate a species map within a specific area?
I’ve only been able to so at the level of “arthopods” and would like to do so for Odonata.

Should be doable in the explore section by filling out the location and species fields.
Although not every location is in the database. For example, I can’t toggle specific provincial wilderness areas. But State/province, county, and town level is usually in there.

Can you give us more details, please? Here for example is a map of Odonata observations in Sonoma County, CA.
Are you looking for something more?

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Thank you for your response. After asking this I was able to answer my own question. I found a small box I hadn’t noticed before that I could put Odonata into, thereby generating a list of species which, when I clicked on them, created the map I was desiring. This site is truly awesome!

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